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Incentive Program

Getting Started

Once registered, each member has their own individual wellness account, allowing them to track their personal daily meals and exercise routines. The Vantage Wellness website also provides a host of resources from educational wellness and fitness videos, personal self-management tools, healthy recipes, health calculators, and much more. The Vantage Wellness program also provide members with access to Nutrition Counseling with Registered Dietitians, Tobacco Cessation Counseling with Clinical Pharmacists, Exercise Programming with Certified Exercise Physiologists, Behavioral Health Counseling with Licensed Clinical Pharmacists, and Wellness Coaching.

Quarterly Incentive Program

Vantage Wellness offers a web-based incentive program to encourage members to make healthy choices. Members can earn up to a maximum of fifteen (15) points each month. These points can be earned by:

  • 1 point per week: Exercising for 30 minutes three days per week (3 30-minute sessions/week) AND with watching the weekly wellness video
  • 1 point per week: Not using any tobacco products each month
  • 1 point per week: Maintaining a BMI (Body Mass Index) less than 30 OR losing one (1) pound each month
  • 1 point per month: Completing one interactive self-management quiz each month
  • 1 point per month: Reading one clinical care guideline document each month
  • 1 point per month: Completing annual Personal Health Appraisal on Vantage Member Portal


Earned points are accrued quarterly, with each point increasing a member’s chance of winning! Quarterly winners are selected through an electronic random lottery drawing. Every quarter Vantage Wellness draws one winner per every 100 participants. Winning participants receive a $200 gift card to a major national retailer (ie: Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc).

Additional Incentives

In addition to the quarterly prizes, some employers also provide monthly incentives for continuous participation. Ask your employer if this incentive applies to you.

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