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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact the Registered Dietitian or Exercise Physiologist anytime other than during meeting times?

Yes. You can contact the Registered Dietitian or the Exercise Physiologist via email with your name, contact number, and any questions you may have. Please call (318) 807-1500 to schedule an appointment at the clinic location most convenient for you.

If I am not in the Weight Loss program, do I still have to enter my weight every week?

Yes. Every week you must weigh yourself and enter your weight on the website. Even if you are in the Weight Loss program and you have the Registered Dietitian record your weight weekly/monthly, you still must enter your weight into the website every week.

I am in the Weight Loss program and the Registered Dietitian records my weight weekly/monthly. Do I still need to enter it into the website?

Yes. You must enter your weight into the website each week.

I do not use tobacco. Do I still need to answer the weekly tobacco question?

Yes. Each week you must attest to whether or not you used tobacco.

Do I need to record my food on the website for every meal?

No. You do not need to log food into the website. If you would like the Registered Dietitian to analyze your food intake and give recommendations, it is highly recommended to log your food for at least 3 consecutive days but it is not required.

What are the weekly requirements of the Wellness Program?

Every week the following 4 tasks are mandatory in order to be eligible for the financial incentive for the month:

* Exercise at least 30 minutes three (3) times a week (allowed 2 passes per month).
* Watch one of the wellness videos online.
* Attest to whether or not you have used tobacco.
* Enter your weight.

If I choose to be in the Incentive Program's Combined Tobacco Cessation and Weight Loss program, are there multiple incentives?

No. The incentive is the same for all programs.

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