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I couldn't pass up the chance to try and stop smoking for free while getting healthy and saving money. In three months, I hardly had the urge to smoke. I haven't looked back. Gaining weight was not even an issue, I actually lost weight! I feel wonderful, am saving tons of money, can be there for my kids, and I smell much better! Thank you Vantage, you have changed my life!

Leah N. - Farmerville, LA


Since starting the Vantage Weight Loss Program, I have lost 25 lbs. I was experiencing back pain and could walk for only short periods of time. After losing weight, I can now walk miles and experience no pain. I also no longer have to take medication to control my blood pressure. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to lose weight and gain control of their health.

Suzy F. - Monroe, LA


I think the Vantage Wellness Program is terrific. I'm motivated to exercise, read nutrition labels, and balance my diet for healthier living. I love the weekly tips and meetings as they are very helpful. I've lost 27 lbs and my plans are to continue with the behaviors I've learned. Many thanks to the Vantage Wellness Team! God bless each of you.

Jo M. - Monroe, LA


When I first started this journey, I weighed 286 pounds. Since my first appointment with the nutritionist, I have lost 43 pounds. The nutritionist has helped me with many food issues, many of which only required simple solutions. I feel so much better about myself. With exercise, I went from walking just a few times every week to running 5ks!

This is more than just a diet for me. This is really a lifestyle change. It has changed the whole way I look at life. There are choices. I encourage everybody to do this program. I am much stronger and more determined now than I have ever been.

Ami C. - West Monroe, LA


Since joining the Wellness program back in May 2012, I have experienced significant results. I have lost over 25 lbs, improved my diet and my overall way of life is simply healthier. This program allows for easy tracking of your weight loss and has also has held me accountable. Entering your numbers weekly keeps it fresh on your mind while becoming a habit. The monetary incentives are nice, but improving your health is priceless. My weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol numbers are all down. My energy is up and I feel great. The Vantage Wellness Program has really made a difference for me in a short amount of time. I recommend everyone take advantage of this awesome employee benefit.

Chris S. - Monroe, LA